What do men get wrong about women?

Image credit: Long Truong from Unslash.com

Hey there! It’s been quite some time sincce I’ve written anything in this blog. I would like to talk about a very popular topic that is not discussed between us as much as it is discussed by women. There are some typical ways of thinking that we guys have about women. I used to get lots of things wrong myself, but through the ages I can now tell that much of that stuff was not correct. Let’s start talking about the three things that we men usually get wrong about women.

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A little video on the famous book of “Art of war” by Sun Tzu

Hello guys, Sun Tzu was a legendary Chinese strategist that probably lived around 500 BC in ancient China. He has allegedly written “The art of war” which is a famous guide on strategy. While this book is dealing with warfare, it can give us a lot of useful tips on how to deal with certain kinds of people that give us a hard time. Here’s a little video that gives us a glimpse of The art of war.