What killed the Legacy of Kain?

Hello guys, most gamers are familiar with the Legacy of Kain franchise. The series consists of six games which are these:

  • Legacy of Kain: Blood omen (1996)
  • // // //: Soul reaver (1999)
  • // // //: Soul reaver 2 (2001)
  • // // //: Blood omen 2 (2002)
  • // // //: Defiance (2003)
  • // // //: Nosgoth ( This was a MMO game. It was never officially released. Its beta was working, until the game was scrapped at some point)
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Get free games on Epic games

Hello guys, there’s no gamer in the world that would say no to free games. For those of you that don’t know, epic games is giving away free games every week. All you have to do is to create an account on epic games and download its app. Once you do this, you open the program, you go to the store and you scroll down to find the free game(s) that is offered this week. Click on it to get it. Occasionally, epic games is giving away major titles, like the Batman arkham franchise or the Metro exodus. It also offers many indie games that are not very famous to people.

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A story about nuclear weapons

The nuclear mushroom…

Hi there, most of you must have heard about the assassination of the Iranian official, Qasem Soleimani (unless you live in a cave) . The Americans had ordered the assassination of Soleimani, while he was in Iraq, as a retaliation to the death of American soldiers by the Iranian general. After this incident, people have started raging over the internet about world war 3. How possible is this scenario? Is there any truth to this? Let’s have a look at the facts that we have at our disposal.

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Let’s talk about relationships

“Expectation is the root cause of all heartache”

William shakespeare

Hello guys, this post looks like it came out of Sex and the city, but rest assured, this is not the case here. I believe that the three female readers of this page will find this topic interesting. Since i’m a guy, I will speak from the male perspective about this issue. I’m saying this to prevent you from calling me a sexist. You know, I had a bad love life in general. I can’t say that I’m successful in this matter. The few relationships that I had, were kind of disastrous. I notice that this thing applies to most people too. They have toxic relationships and they usually don’t get along with their mates. Guys blame women about this and women blame us in their turn. As you can understand relationships are very problematic (This is the case with most relationships actually). Why is this happening? What is the root cause of this thing? I believe that there are three reasons behind this problem.

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