Hello, my name is Markos( That’s my alias), I live in Greece and I have studied Computer Science (Something irrelevant with the stuff discussed in here). I’ll be talking about burning matters that concern most of us, I will give my version on them and I will try to be useful to the readers of this page. Also, I have to mention my partner, Stefanos Giouris. He is mainly selling E-books in this page, but occasionally he writes an article too.

A new world is born…

I will be as honest as possible. I will never try to sweeten the pill for you. I will give you a different perspective of life and I will try to lighten the burdens that you carry on your backs.

First things first. I’m doing this because:

  • I want to help troubled people that are depressed in this world
  • I want to discuss with other people certain issues and hear their opinions about them
  • I want to write down my thoughts, to some kind of diary. Only in this case, the diary will be public, and people will be able to comment on it.
  • To support myself by adding ads to this site. My motives about this thing aren’t 100% altruistic. I’m also trying to make some money out of it, since money is necessary to survive in this world

This blog will be about:

  • Everyday’s matters that give people a hard time
  • Philosophical matters from the perspective of an average Joe
  • Scientific and nerd stuff that intrigue me

We will not discuss about politics in this page. I believe that, you have to be informed about the situation of the world and have some kind of view about it, but politics are divisive and I want to avoid the toxicity that comes with them. Which is why politics will never be discussed in here (There might be a few exceptions though).

I hope this will be a fruitful journey and that we will gain something from it. Whoever is interested in this, is welcome to join me. As I stated before, politics will not be discussed in here, so please do not bring them up at any occasion. If you want to talk about that sort of stuff, there are thousands of blogs, Youtube Channels and sites where you can do that as much as you want. Since we will be talking about philosophical matters too, there will also be a religious perspective in them. Please don’t be offensive to people that have different opinions, as religions can also divide people and cause many tensions and hostilities.

Here we go! Now that I have clarified some things, we can get down to business. I’ll be seeing you soon. Take care!

Please respect other people’s opinions and don’t insult anyone in here. This blog is about philosophical and nerd topics.

Favourite quotes

Life would be tragic, if it weren’t funny

Stephen Hawking

If you can’t live your life the way you want, then at least do this as much as you can, do not humiliate it

Konstantinos Kavafis

Not everyone who wanders is lost

John R. R. Tolkien