A few ways to relieve your stress

Hello guys, stress is a chronic issue that f*cks us up and it needs to be dealt with so that we can function in our lives. I have my own ways of coping with it. Here are my suggestions to deal with your stress.

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Put on some relaxing music

There are songs that can calm you down so much. I have an entire playlist that has that kind of songs in it. Also you could sip some alcohol as well. Music and alcohol is always a good combination (Don’t overdo it with alcohol though, I don’t want to turn you into alcoholics)

Play a video game

There are video games that are so lighthearted and they relax you af. Sims is a very good choice if you need to forget your troubles for a while. Avoid playing games that are very intense, cause they will stress you even more if you play them.

Photo by Gift Habeshaw on Unsplash.com

Take a long walk

Taking long walks has always helped me organise my thoughts and blow some steam off. I’ve been doing it for a very long time and it can really help you come back to your senses. You should try it too. You might get addicted to it.

These were my tips on dealing with this problem. I hoped I’ve helped you with this one. Take care guys!

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