Some typical mistakes that men do in their relationships

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Hello guys, a few days ago I had posted the “What do men get wrong on women” article. Today, I will talk about the mistakes that men do with their girlfriends and the women that they are interested in. I am no expert on women, but I’m 100% sure that these things must never be done, if you want to get along with your lady. Let’s have a look at them.

Too many compliments

Being a kiss a*s is never a good thing guys. It’s always a bad thing to do. If you start complimenting a woman too much, her ego will get a huge boost. She will feel very good about herself. If she becomes overconfident that can be problematic. When guys start complimenting a girl they like, they believe that they will get la*d, but this is not true of course. The only thing you achieve with this tactic is to boost a woman’s confidence. This is the case for all human beings actually. That’s just how it works. If you are to compliment a girl, you must not overdo it. It must be down to earth and not outrageous. For example, something like “You look lovely today”, is ok, but things like “You are an amazing creature, You are the prettiest girl on the planet” are just too much. Keep your compliments down to earth guys.

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Trying to please her all the time

That’s also a common mistake that guys do in their relationships. They constantly try to please their ladies, but this is very bad thing to do for several reasons. For starters, they are getting very spoiled from this. In addition, they will not respect you for doing so. You will look like a wimp if you do these things. Whenever your lady has a reasonable demand, you should follow through, but when she is asking for too much, then you mustn’t comply with that. If for example she asks you to help her move in to her new apartment, that’s fine, but if she asks you to stop seeing your friends because she thinks that they have a bad influence on you, then you should not do this. Cause it’s outrageous.

Always agreeing with her

Again it doesn’t look good when you do that. When she sees that you agree on everything with her she’s gonna be like ”God, he’s trying to lick my ears by agreeing on everything with me”. This thing actually shows that you have no character at all. And this will make her look down on you. You should also avoid doing this at all costs.

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So that was it guys. These things must not be done. They are rookie mistakes that have to be avoided. I hope you found this useful. Take care!

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