The Witcher 3 quest ”The Whispering Hillock” and all of its different outcomes

Hello guys, there was this cool quest in Witcher 3 where you could actually choose on what to do. You were tasked to kill an ancient spirit, but you could free it as well. Each choice had its own concequences. It was a moral dilemma actually and it was very interesting. You can see all outcomes of this quest in this video here:

If you choose to free the spirit, it will save the oprhans from the Crones, but the spirit will also make the villagers of Downwarren go mad and kill each other in the process. In addition, the Crones get angry that the kids were taken under Anna’s care and they will turn her into a water hag. Later on, the curse of Anna will be lifted, and she will reveal that this curse was tied to her life, and now that it is broken she will die. The baron then commits suicide over the loss of his wife.

If you actually kill the spirit, this will save the town of Downwarren, but the orphans get taken by the Crones, which imply that they have eaten them. Anna from the shock of losing the orphans, loses her mind. The baron then takes her to find a cure far far away.

I think the best choice is to kill the spirit because it will do less damage than the other choice. what do you guys think?

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