What do men get wrong about women?

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Hey there! It’s been quite some time sincce I’ve written anything in this blog. I would like to talk about a very popular topic that is not discussed between us as much as it is discussed by women. There are some typical ways of thinking that we guys have about women. I used to get lots of things wrong myself, but through the ages I can now tell that much of that stuff was not correct. Let’s start talking about the three things that we men usually get wrong about women.

Women are humans like us

Usually, we think of women as these strange creatures that came from another world. We do not think of them as humans with flaws, but as exotic creatures that cannot be understood. However, they are simply humans with vices. Women can also hate, get envious and succumb to their feelings, like all humans do. Women can be proud and selfish too, just like many men are. They can also be prejudiced and irrational as well. Because they are humans. All of these are human flaws.

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Not all women are the same

Usually men, tend to think that women are all the same, as if a factory is producing them. However this is soooo wrong. There are lots of different women out there. This world has lots of women in it. Some of them are fun,loving and interesting while others can be self-centered,vain and envious. It’s like a garden that has lots of different fruits in it.

Women have their own problems

Since we are selfish creatures, we tend to focus on our problems and forget that women have their own cr*p to deal with. And let’s not forget that since they are physically weaker, they are more prone to attacks and sexual assaults. I guess it must suck to be vulnerable to that kind of stuff. Men can be sexually assaulted too, but it is far more rare in our case that it is with women.

Well that was it. I hope you found this interesting. Have a great day guys!

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