The saviors of the world

Hello guys, this world is fragile and it is very flawed. The current situation is a delicate balance that has to be maintained. If the world is sank into debauchery, it will not survive for a long time. Some people are needed to keep the world at its feet. Thankfully enough, these people exist and they have been doing a very good job on this matter since the dawn of humanity. They are the shadowy heroes that work in silence. The golden creatures of this planet. I’m talking of course about the good people.

I have to say that, these people are not very vain. They are modest and they do their job stoically. The service that they provide is invaluable. Most of them will be forever unknown, but some of them have managed to shine out of their exceptional lives. Let’s have a look at some honorable mentions.

Norman Borlaug

Norman Borlaug was an American agronomist. This person had managed to do a groundbreaking thing. He developed a new type of genetically modified wheat. This wheat was harvested much easier, endured more in diseases and also gave two crops every year. This new variety was adopted by many third world countries including Mexico, India and Pakistan. At that time, these countries had a major problem with food reserves. The people were literally starving and a crisis was about to emerge in these states. However, when this evolutionary variety of wheat was adopted, things were shifted. In the years that followed, these countries had managed to feed their populaces and at the same time they had declared that they were 100% autonomous in food production. Later on, many other countries had also adopted this variety of wheat. With his invention, Norman Borlaug had managed to feed over 1 billion people worldwide. Well this is quite an accomplishment, eh?

Jonas Salk

Jonas Salk is the man that invented the polio vaccine. The polio disease at that time was infecting millions of people every year and it had paralyzed many children at a young age. One of the victims of this disease was Roosevelt himself. He had become paralyzed when he was infected by this virus. In 1955, Jonas Salk had developed a polio vaccine that consisted of dead polio viruses. Once he was done with the trials of the vaccine, he started handing it over to other people. What’s interesting about this vaccine is that Jonas Salk was giving it away for free! It is estimated that he could make 7 billion dollars from this invention, but he refused to patent it and when he was asked about the reasons of this decision, he replied “Can you patent the sun?” Way to go Mr. Salk!

Stanislav Petrov

If you have read the “A story about nuclear weapons” post, then you probably know about this guy. In case you haven’t, Stanislav Petrov is the man that saved the world from a nuclear disaster. In 1983, the cold war was still going on and the threat of a nuclear catastrophe was looming above the planet. Petrov at that time was a soviet officer that was supervising a nuclear warning system for the Soviet Union. This system was a radar that monitored nuclear missiles that were headed towards Russia. When Stanislav was on duty, the warning system had stated that a ballistic missile was about to strike Russia. Afterwards, a total of 5 missiles had appeared on the monitor and Petrov had to decide if he would report this to his superiors or say nothing and let it slide. Petrov believed that the system was malfunctioning and that there was no threat in the vicinity. It was later proved that this was the case. Initially Russia tried to keep quiet about this and for some time the world was not aware of this story. However the truth came to light and we found out about this incident.

When Petrov was asked of this story, he replied “I’m no hero, I was just the right person at the right time”. He died a few years ago at the age of 77 alone and forgotten by the world. May you rest in peace Mr. Stanislav. You were a wonderful person!

Fun fact: The Russian state had kept quiet about Petrov’s death for four months, which is kind of strange really.

These were some of the best people to have ever walked earth. The contribution of good people is huge to this world. It’s the one thing that keeps it together. You should start appreciating them a little more! They really deserve it. Alright guys, I’m out. Take care!

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