The American revolution in two animated videos

Hello guys, if you are fans of history, then there’s a very cool channel on YouTube called “Oversimplified”. It talks about historical events in a fun and short way. Have a look at the videos that talk about the American revolution which was the war between the American states and the British empire (You will be amazed at how much the Americans had to struggle to gain their independence from the British).

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The five most mysterious sounds that have ever been recorded on earth

There’s this cool channel on YouTube that’s called “Dark 5”. This channel has videos about many mysterious and creepy things. This is one of its most popular videos. Enjoy!

WARNING: If you do not like that kind of stuff then you probably should’t watch this video. Actually you shouldn’t watch too much of that stuff because it can seriously damage you.

Meet Socotra, the most alien place on the planet

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Hello guys, there’s a very weird island that belongs to Yemen and it is located between the Guardafui Channel and the Arabian sea. It’s population is 60.000 people, it’s about one third the size of Cyprus and it’s the most alien place on this planet. I find it very fascinating and I would really like to visit it one day. Here are some pictures from this bizzare island:

This photo of Socotra Island is courtesy of Tripadvisor
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Where is the tomb of Alexander the Great?

Hello guys, a long time ago in ancient Greece, a legendary person was born. His name was Alexander the III (A.k.a. Alexander the Great). He was a very charismatic person and at an early age, he had shown his qualities as a leader. At the age of 16, he had his first victory as a general against “the Sacred Band of Thebes—a supposedly unbeatable, select army made up entirely of male lovers—during the Battle of Chaeronea” (Source:, Later on,he succeeded his father (Phillip the II) to the Macedonian throne, after the latter was killed by Pausanias. “Then, in 334 BC he invaded the Achaemenid Empire (Persian Empire) and began a series of campaigns that lasted 10 years” (Source Wikipedia). Finally, he died of fever in Babylon, at the age of 33 during his campaigns. He had managed to create a vast empire that was split into four. His generals had taken control of these territories and they were fighting among themselves, in order to gain control of the empire.

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The “going postal” phenomenon

Some time ago, I read about the “going postal” phenomenon. This thing refers to a series of murders that took place in the american postal offices. There were many incidents of postal workers that had killed their supervisor or some of their co-workers. The strange thing about this is that almost all of those murders had occurred by postal office employees. If you wanna know more about this strange phenomenon have a look at this article here: .

There’s also an interesting documentary that deals with this issue. You can look at it here: