Does sugar really feed cancer cells?

Hello guys, you have probably heard of the fact that sugar feeds cancer cells. My mother has said this to me dozens of times, but is it actually true? I did a search on the internet about this matter and I found some interesting info on this issue. I read a few articles on medical sites and all of them pretty much said the same thing. That this claim is partially true, but there is a catch to it.

According to these sites, all cells of your body feed on sugar including the cancerous ones. It’s their prime source of energy. They need it so that they can function. When I say “sugar” I mean glucose and not the classic table sugar that we frequently use. There are lots of “sugars” in nature. There’s glucose, fructose, lactose, sucrose (table sugar) and many other. Cancer cells need glucose to function, just like all other cells. There’s no difference to that. It would be impossible to have a diet that doesn’t include glucose, because you can’t live without it. You can certainly cut down the “sugar” intake but not entirely.

However, when I was digging up some information on this matter, I found out that there’s probably an indirect relation of sugar (glucose) to cancer. When you consume sugar, your pancreas releases insulin. Insulin helps keep your blood sugar level from getting too high. According to www.webmd.comInsulin is a hormone that has effects throughout the body. One of those effects is to stimulate cell growth. There’s evidence from animal studies that insulin, particularly long-acting insulin, may cause existing cancer cells to grow faster.” (source )

The more glucose you consume, the more insulin is released, which is probably related to cancer. This means that there might be a link between glucose consumption and cancer.

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