Psychology vs psychiatry: What’s the difference between them?

Hello guys, most of you must have heard of those things but there are some things that you might not know about them. Many people go to psychologists and psychiatrists to solve their problems. However there are some major differences between those two professions. Let’s have a look at them

Before we begin, I have to tell you that I’m neither a psychologist or a psychiatrist and I might make a few mistakes in this article. I will explain very crudely the differences that these two types of people have. First of all, a psychiatrist has studied medicine for years before becoming a psychiatrist. Not only does he know things on human psychology, but he has medicinal knowledge too, and this is a major advantage. He can explain what’s going on in your head. Some time ago I had sleeping issues and it was a very hard time of my life. I went to a psychiatrist and she was able to explain to me what was going on and she had even helped me with the issue that I had. Since she had a medicinal background, she was able to give me some good advice on the problem that I had. The psychologists on the other hand, have expertise only in the psychological field (Unless they have studied something else too). They don’t have any medicinal knowledge.

Also, some pills have to be prescribed from doctors, you are not allowed to buy them on your own. A psychiatrist can prescribe medication, while a psychologist can’t. If for example, you have a lot of stress and you need Xanax to fight it off, you can only go to a psychiatrist to prescribe you some pills. These are the two major differences of psychiatrists and psychologists. The bottom line, is that if you have a serious problem like depression or a lot of stress you should go to a psychiatrist to deal with this matter. If you have a minor issue you will go to a psychologist about this one. If for example, you have issues with your relationship you could go to a psychologist to talk about these problems. He might be able to help you with that sort of stuff.

Of course you could combine them. You could see both a psychiatrist and a psychologist. They could help you effectively if you have a serious issue to deal with. You must however find some good professionals in case you have a big problem to deal with.

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