The living conditions of farm animals

Hello guys, as you probably know, farm animals supply many products including the meat we eat. These animals are raised in farms until the end of their lives. Afterwards, they are being killed so that we can have meat at our tables. I have to admit that I really like eating meat, but I think it’s good to know the price that animals pay to get this commodity. Let’s have a view at the living conditions of farm animals.

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Get GTA V for free!!!

Epic games has given us lots of major titles over the last 2 years. This time they went overboard and they are giving away GTA V for FREE!!! Go fetch it before it expires. You will find the game in the app of Epic games. Open the store tab and you will find it there.

The memorable ending of the Metal Gear saga

Hello guys, whoever is a hardcore fan of this wonderful franchise, must have seen this video. Recently, I saw the ending of MGS again and it’s still as good as ever. In this part, snake meets his “dad” again after a long time and they have a final exchange before Big boss leaves this world for good. I have to pay my respects to Mr. Kojima for creating something so unique. Enjoy this beautiful video again: