Why do people believe in conspiracy theories?

Hello guys, these days lots of new conspiracy theories arise on the internet. Since we have a virus outbreak, many people believe that this was not accidental. According to several theorists, the Coronavirus pandemic was orchestrated by someone to fulfill their own dark purposes. Of course there are no evidence at all to support these narratives, but that doesn’t stop people from believing in them. Have you ever wondered why people are into those things? What is it that makes them so attached to these stories? Let’s have a look at the main reasons that people work on that stuff.

Conspiracy theories are interesting!

Well, one of the main reasons that people are dealing with these things is because they are attracted to them! The secrecy that surrounds that stuff makes them so charming and intriguing! The mystery is fascinating us. We have always been fascinated by secretive things. Some of the theories that exist on the internet are so imaginative and well-structured that they could easily become Hollywood movies! I must shamefully admit that I like talking about these theories too! I can spend hours on discussions about secret groups and dark tales. Of course you must bear in mind that these stories are always based on assumptions and not on facts, but still it’s so much fun to talk about these things.

People are suspicious of their governments

People have always being wary of their governments. They usually don’t believe in the things that they are told by the officials of their governments. This is a global phenomenon actually, you can see it everywhere. People believe that they are always hiding something from them and this is certainly true. We cannot know for sure on what is discussed behind our backs. There are lots of things that we will never know of, because politicians are covering up many of those things.


I’m not saying that conspiracies are not a thing. They certainly are. When it comes to the stories that go around on the internet, you will find lots of truths mixed with fictional elements and you can’t really make sense out of it. The thing is, if you don’t have any concrete evidence about your theory, then you do not have a case. But it’s still very interesting to discuss about it. Which is your favorite conspiracy theory? Write in the comments the one you prefer!

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