Joker: Hero or villain?

Hello guys, as you probably know, Joaquin Phoenix has won the Oscar for his iconic performance as Arthur Fleck in Joker. When the movie came out, I remember having conversations with friends about this controversial movie. The topic of these discussions was if Joker was justified in the things he did ( Spoiler Alert: He killed about 8 people in the movie). I think it’s a very interesting topic and it’s a good opportunity to talk about this hot debate. The main character of this movie was Arthur Fleck, a mentally ill person that was diagnosed with a hysterical laughing condition. He would laugh at random moments, for no reason at all, to the point that he actually felt pain when he did this. Arthur had killed about 8 people in the movie, lashing out at the ones that had wronged him. We’re gonna examine in this post, if these actions were righteous or not.

The people that usually judge Arthur as a villain, don’t take into consideration three things here. These are the following

1. Arthur was completely alone in this world

It was apparent that Arthur had nobody to lean onto. His only family was his mother, which was also mentally ill and unable to fend for her son. Arthur had no other friends or family, he was pretty much shut out from the rest of the world. Even his colleagues at his job, weren’t that friendly (some of them were indifferent, while others were kind of hostile towards him). Imagine this for just a little. To be COMPLETELY alone. To be just you and nobody else. Doesn’t that seem like a sh*tty thing? Can you even imagine living like this? I certainly can’t. This must be such a violent thing to experience. I happen to know a homeless guy, that is pretty much like Arthur, and I can tell you it must be very scary to be in that position. Not to mention that this guy has mental issues, just like Joker. The similarities between these two are striking. As you can understand, being alone can f*ck you up pretty badly.

2. He was getting a lot of violence from his environment

If I can recall correctly, the opening scene of this movie was the one where some kids had stolen Arthur’s sign and then led him into a little alley. Then, they started beating him mercilessly. Arthur was also mocked by other people and get treated as a freak, because of his laughing condition. Furthermore, Arthur gets fired from his job, because of the fact that he had a revolver on him, which was thought to be suspicious by his boss. Afterwards, Arthur is beaten, for yet another time at a subway wagon, where he lashes out for the first time at his attackers, by killing them all. Not to mention that he was abused as a kid, by his mother and her lover. Finally, he was probably abandoned by his alleged father, Thomas Wayne. The movie didn’t clarify, if Thomas was actually his father or not. It left this question lingering in the air.

The final nail in Arthur’s coffin, was the fact that the government had cut down his prescribed pills and his psychology sessions, which were vital to his therapy. As you can understand, this is an huge amount of violence and misfortune for any person on this planet. Most people would probably flip in Arthur’s shoes and I think that’s what would happen to me too, if I was in his stead.

3. More importantly, he was a mentally ill person

It was quite obvious that Arthur had mental issues. Aside from his laughing condition, he also had other problems too. He was imagining things that never happened and he was a little “off” in general. In other words, he was a sick person! How much can you blame a mentally ill guy for his actions? Usually, these kinds of people are not found guilty in courts, whenever they commit crimes. Arthur was partly sane, but he CERTAINLY had issues. Provoking such a person is a huge mistake, both morally and logically.


Were Arthur’s actions Justified? Certainly Not! Was Arthur a villain? Not at all! He was just a very troubled person, that gave in to his anger and resentment towards society. He had a very very bad fate. You know it’s easy for us to condemn a person like this, but we are not the ones that experience this thing. We are just outsiders, judging a person on the safe side. If we were at his shoes, would we say this kind of crap? I think not. Society played a HUGE role into creating this person. The government had cut down his medication and therapy sessions, he got fired from his job unjustly and on top of that, he was mocked, isolated and beaten by the rest of the world. All of these people had played a part into creating this person, even the guy that handed him a revolver, in order to protect himself. None of the deaths of this movie were righteous. The people that died, were fuc**ng douch*bags, but they weren’t so bad as to deserve to die. I think a good beating would suffice for these ass**les.

I think this movie was great, because it shows EXACTLY how mentally ill people are treated by society. They portrayed with so much accuracy, how a person like that goes through the world. It was about time that someone had made this public. This is the main reason that this movie was so successful. Many of us felt in touch with this character, because we had similar experiences with this guy. The establishment people hated this movie, because it shows them for what they really are. This is it from me. I’m off guys. Bye bye!

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