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Hello guys, if you are fans of Postal, then you will be thrilled with this! The new postal installment has come out and it’s called Postal 4: No regerts. This is an early access game and this means that you buy the game, at an early stage in its development. This way you fund the developers and you help them fix the game as time goes by. Each week, you get automatic updates with bug fixes and new content. If you are fans of Postal, then you could support the company by buying the game at an early stage. I’ve already bought it and it really looks as a next generation game and it feels fresh. Of course the game is still a buggy mess, but it looks promising. So if you dig this game, you could buy it.

In case you don’t know, Postal 2 had two official expansions. These are Apocalypse Weekend and Paradise Lost. You can find a package in ebay that contains Postal 2 and these two expansions at a ridiculously low price (About 7 dollars I think). If you’ve never played Paradise Lost, then you really should. You’re gonna have tons of fun with it. Alright guys I’m out. Cya!

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