What killed the Legacy of Kain?

Hello guys, most gamers are familiar with the Legacy of Kain franchise. The series consists of six games which are these:

  • Legacy of Kain: Blood omen (1996)
  • // // //: Soul reaver (1999)
  • // // //: Soul reaver 2 (2001)
  • // // //: Blood omen 2 (2002)
  • // // //: Defiance (2003)
  • // // //: Nosgoth ( This was a MMO game. It was never officially released. Its beta was working, until the game was scrapped at some point)

The first game featured Kain as its protagonist, a human that was murdered by bandits and that was resurrected as a vampire. Afterwards, Kain sets off to avenge his death. As the game progresses, Kain murders all guardians of the pillars of Nosgoth, which were nine supernatural structures that were connected to the health of the world. Finally, Kain realizes that he is the last guardian and that he has to choose whether to kill himself or not, in order to save the world. Finally, Kain refused to sacrifice himself, which caused the decay of the pillars and the damnation of Nosgoth. The second game introduces Raziel, which is one of Kain’s most trusted lieutenants. When Raziel develops wings, Kain gets envious of this and he casts Raziel into the abyss, which kills him. Many centuries later, Raziel is revived by the Elder god, a powerful entity that lived beneath Nosgoth. Then, Raziel gets fixated on getting revenge for his death and he seeks Kain to accomplish this. These two will have a feud that will last for a long time and they will have many epic showdowns as the games progress.

In Defiance, which is the last game that featured these two, Kain and Raziel finally settle their differences and *SPOILER ALERT* Raziel is merged with Kain’s sword, assisting him in the upcoming battles to come. However, there was a loose end at the end of the story that was never resolved. The Hylden, which were the sworn enemies of the vampires, were released from their prison and we never found out the conclusion of this story. This was a big bummer for the fans of the game (including me). If you ever wondered what happened with Legacy of Kain, this little video gives an insight of what’s going on with this franchise.

It appears that we will not hear from Kain and Raziel, any time soon. However, someone might create one day, a game based on these characters. You never know. Alright guys, I’m out. Bye bye!

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