Let’s talk about relationships

“Expectation is the root cause of all heartache”

William shakespeare

Hello guys, this post looks like it came out of Sex and the city, but rest assured, this is not the case here. I believe that the three female readers of this page will find this topic interesting. Since i’m a guy, I will speak from the male perspective about this issue. I’m saying this to prevent you from calling me a sexist. You know, I had a bad love life in general. I can’t say that I’m successful in this matter. The few relationships that I had, were kind of disastrous. I notice that this thing applies to most people too. They have toxic relationships and they usually don’t get along with their mates. Guys blame women about this and women blame us in their turn. As you can understand relationships are very problematic (This is the case with most relationships actually). Why is this happening? What is the root cause of this thing? I believe that there are three reasons behind this problem.

First of all, we are selfish creatures. This is a characteristic of our species. We tend to be self-centered and we usually don’t see things from the other person’s perspective. We never take into consideration the problems that our partner might have. We focus on our problems and needs and we forget about the other person. Some people don’t even give a sh*t about their partner at all, they only care about their well-being. They will have fun with their lover, until they are bored with him/ her. Then, they will set off to other “nests” to continue their lives. This is kind of rotten I know, but these people actually exist. You need to be aware of them to keep them away from you. It’s gonna save you a lot of pain and trouble. Nobody needs those dou***bags in his life. I have to add that there are also gold diggers that are attracted by money and fame and they will try hooking up with people that have these things. These individuals exist too, but they’re not as many as it is widely believed.

Sometimes, this is how relationships look

In addition, another problem between couples is the lack of understanding that exists among them . Since we are different from girls, sometimes we fail to understand our significant other (and that applies for them too). This issue is way more widespread than you think. We often don’t understand people that are different from us, which is responsible for many bad things in this world. Another thing that makes people hurt, are the expectations they have from their mate. We often anticipate lots of things from our partner and when he / she fails to meet these, we are disappointed by him / her. The people that are in love, usually build an ideal image of their lover and do not see the other person as who she / he really is. When they find out about the flaws of their partner, they are disappointed at him / her. You know, women are people too and we guys forget that sometimes. We forget that women have issues like us and we fall for it catastrophically.

Do you fancy tug of war?

The last reason that relationships have many issues is that people don’t really love each other. I believe that all couples that do not work like this, are doomed to fail. Relationships can be based on many things. Sex, money, company etc. Most of the couples that have these as their basis, will fail eventually. I believe that the only people that have lasting relationships, are the ones that truly love each other. We nerds are not know to be experts on human bonds. But, what I have noticed by observing other people is that the ones that loved each other, were the ones that stood in time and got along very well. This is how it is. Alright people, this was my blabbing about relationships. What’s your take on these things? Do you agree with me? Let me know in the comments

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