Are we alone in this universe?

A lost world somewhere in space…

UFO stories are selling a lot. Many people claim that they have witnessed aliens somewhere. The most extreme of these stories are talking about abductions of people from alien spacecrafts, when they were hiking in a forest. The internet is crawling with these stories and they all include flying saucers, green people and other crazy stuff. You can find thousands of videos on YouTube that have all sorts of oddities in them. Well, they are probably fake, but they are still fun to watch. This is something that I’ve always wondered as an adult. Are we alone in this universe? Is there alien life somewhere in this vast cosmos? Let’s delve a little deeper into this.

You know, we happen to live in a very big universe. There are billions of galaxies in it and every galaxy has billions of stars and planets. According to scientists, some of these planets could host life. The observable universe is about 93 billion light years in length (This is reaaaally big). Astronomers use light years to measure distance and we are talking about large numbers here. One light year is roughly 9.46 trillion Kilometers or 5.88 trillion miles!! These are HUGE numbers! I cannot even grasp how long it would take to walk so far on foot. As you can understand this universe is gigantic. The possibility of alien life existing in it, is very high. However, I have to specify what alien life is in order to make myself clear.

Alien world

Whenever you hear about extraterrestrial stuff, you think of green creatures with laser blasters, advanced spaceships etc.  That’s just one of the scenarios about alien life. Lots of things are living organisms. Our planet has plants, jellyfish, birds and all sorts of creatures in it. All of these things are alive. Whenever scientists talk about alien life, they mean all kinds of life forms. This ranges from bacteria to intelligent beings. For example, a foreign planet could have weird looking animals that we’ve never seen before. These are the extraterrestrial beings of this world and it’s very likely that such creatures exist. Stephen Hawking and many other prominent scientists are taking this seriously. If you wanna hear uncle Hawking’s take on this, check this beautiful video:

Somewhere in this cosmos there might be exotic planets with plants, insects and funny looking animals. However, the UFO stories are not about these things. When people talk about aliens, they mean intelligent life forms. This is just another scenario that scientists are looking into. Let’s talk a little about the possibility of finding these beings somewhere. These creatures will resemble us in terms of intelligence. They could even exceed us in this matter. Personally, I don’t believe that such creatures exist, but even if they do, I don’t think that we will ever meet them. First off, take into consideration that we have never witnessed aliens flying through space (Unless you believe in the stories that go around on the internet, which means that, you are excluded from this argument). There is no evidence of an advanced civilization at all. In addition, don’t forget that we live in an enormous universe. If, for example, aliens live in a galaxy far far away, then we might never get to see them in person. We will never find out they have ever existed in this world.

Another exotic world

Let’s assume that an alien civilization lives about a 100.000 light years away from here. These creatures will never travel all the way to earth, because it is a huge distance to cover and there’s no reason in doing so. Not to mention that, they might not be aware of our existence at all. According to Einstein, nothing can travel faster than light. Light speed is about 300.000 Kilometers per second and nothing can go faster than this. This means that there’s a limit at how fast a spaceship can travel. In this case, the minimum time that is required for the alien spacecraft to reach us, is about 100.000 years, if it travels at maximum speed. This is an insane amount of time. No one in his right mind would attempt to go this far. In addition, they cannot journey forever as their provisions will end at some point (Not to mention that they will die while they are travelling, as they are probably not immortal). As you can understand, there are lots of problems to traveling this far in space.

Travelling at the speed of light

Perhaps the only thing that can make this trip possible are the wormholes. Wormholes are “tunnels” in the space-time continuum. They could act as shortcuts for space travelers. However, their existence has not been confirmed, they only exist in theory.

Alright, this is it lads. These were my thoughts on UFOs, spaceships and alien life. I would really like to hear your opinions about that stuff. Do you believe that we are alone in this universe? Or there might be something out there waiting to be discovered? What’s your take on this?

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