A message to all depressed people

“life is too important to be taken seriously”

Oscar Wilde

Hello, I’ve been meaning to talk about this subject for a very long time. I finally got the chance to do it. At first, I was thinking of uploading a YouTube video about this, but I decided to write it down instead. This post is about all the tortured souls of this world (including the ones that suffer from clinical depression).

We live in hard times. We have lots of burdens on our backs and we are struggling with everyday’s problems. There are several things that contribute to this. The economic crisis, the decadence of our society, the lack of education etc. Whenever we have financial issues, things take the down turn. Whenever money is absent, lots of problems arise.

The Economy’s turnings

In addition, we were never prepared for this kind of situations. The things that they taught us, weren’t sufficient to deal with that kind of crap. Of course, there are experienced people that can actually help you. If you’re lucky enough, you will stumble upon them. It’s that type of people that have a unique perspective of life and can teach you lots of stuff, by hearing them out. This means that, there’s actually hope! But you have to look for it. The system is so problematic that it cannot direct you in some way. They do not give you a few useful tips. They just throw you in a world and tell you “That’s it, you’re on your own now”. This is how it is. However, you don’t have to be discouraged. There are things you can actually do to help yourself.

First of all, I need to say this. If you feel like you need help, you can go and talk to someone. Find a good scientist that will actually help you. Someone that will see you as a human being and not as a client. You could either go to a psychiatrist or a psychologist. However, I suggest that you look for someone that understands you and knows his way around that stuff. You should be very careful as to who you choose to confess your darkest secrets. As all fields have good and bad professionals, the same applies to psychiatrists. Be particularly cautious on that matter! Secondly, I would like to tell you that you could take antidepressants . They can help you feel better and you shouldn’t be afraid to use them. However, you have to consult a psychiatrist first. You mustn’t use that stuff on your own. A professional has to monitor you, while you are taking these (Only psychiatrists can do this thing). In Greece, taking antidepressants is a major taboo. Most people that use them, don’t even dare to whisper it to others, because they fear the mockery of the people. You shouldn’t be embarrassed to use medication . If you need it, then there’s no shame in taking it. Just make sure you consult an expert first, before doing so.

A sea of pills

Most of you have probably done those things already. However, I was obligated to inform you about the possibilities that you have at your disposal. I’m not an expert myself and what I’m about to tell you are personal experiences. This is how my story goes. I was clinically depressed for about 6 years. I was diagnosed by a professional a few years ago and I was on antidepressants for many years. Bear in mind, that clinical depression is a disease and not grief. People usually mistake the one for the other. The typical symptoms of clinical depression are:

  • No appetite for life
  • suicidal tendencies
  • You are feeling tired all the time
  • You are losing or gaining weight
  • Insomnia
  • You are bored most of the time
  • You are miserable most of the time

I was struggling for many years with depression. I was flirting with suicide and other bad stuff for a long time. I had a miserable perspective of everything, I had no will to live and I felt as if I was dragging my body around, all the time. As you can understand, depression is a very messy and unpleasant thing. The last 6 years of my life, were the hardest ones I ever lived. Finally, I got out of this thing by tripping, falling and crawling. It took a lot of patience, effort and soul searching to achieve this. I’ve learned so much from this experience and I can give you a few tips about it.

First of all I need to say this. I understand that many people feel depressed by looking at this world. When you see the whole picture, you are saddened by what you see. Part of the reason I was depressed, was exactly this thing. I couldn’t stand the way, this whole thing functioned. I couldn’t stand the injustice and the irrationality of this world. I was stuck in a loophole that would repeat itself every day. One day, I finally woke up. I realized that I must not take this whole thing seriously. You need to lighten up. Stephen Hawking once said “Life would be tragic, if it weren’t funny” and he’s actually right. This world might be causing you a lot of misery because it has lots of problems, but this mustn’t dishearten you. At the very end, we are nothing but evolved monkeys, my dear friend. Our ancestors were apes and about six million years ago, we were still climbing on trees. This is a scientific truth and you don’t have to be an atheist to believe in it. You could still be religious and believe in evolution. One doesn’t contradict the other.

Uncle Hawking

Now, let’s get back to depression. Another thing, that you must do immediately, is to remove all toxic people from your lives. Whoever makes you sad, must get the boot. There were lots of people in my life that were having a negative impact on me. They had to go away at once. Which is why, I started removing them all, one by one, until I was done with them! I was so relieved when I did this. It can be sooo redeeming to let these people go. You might be hesitant to do this, because you feel attached to some of them, but you need to let them go and meet new people or at least warm up old relationships that were frozen for a long time. The people around you must love you and understand you. These are the only people you really need.

I would also recommend that you focus on love and not on hatred. Thanasis Veggos( A famous Greek actor) had once said “I don’t have time to hate the ones that hate me. I’m too busy loving the ones that love me”. This is one of the best quotes I have ever heard. I have adopted this way of thinking and it has helped me a lot, ever since. I would strongly recommend that you do the same. There are certainly things that you hate. All of us hate several stuff. However, you must not focus on them. You need to concentrate to love immediately. It might save your life, dear friend.

break your shackles and fly to the sky

Finally, I would suggest that you try new things. You might be tired of your old life and need a breath of fresh air. You can start new activities and new hobbies that will refresh you. I did it myself and the results were very interesting. All of us need to be renewed from time to time and I was starting to get moldy. I needed to change my life immediately. I can say that it was worth the trouble. I strongly recommend that you do the same guys. It might be what you need.

These were some of my tips on how to fight depression. I hope I helped you with this article. Many people used to be like this and many people are still in that position . Which means that you are not alone, my friend. We, the depressive people (former and active), are so many that we can make a political party! So hang in there. Try to be positive, avoid all negativity in your life and I believe that you will be on the right track once again. Many depressive people ( and not only) also suffer from insomnia. In the next post, I will give you tips on how to fight insomnia, since I have tons of experience on it. Bye bye friends! I shall see you soon!

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