Is this world good or evil?

Weve all got both light and dark inside us. What matters is the part we choose to act on…that’s who we really are

Sirius Black

Times have changed. The only permanent thing is change as Heraclitus had once said. Things have taken a down turn and we live in difficult times. If you talk with other people , you understand that they have lots of crap to deal with. There is a general dissatisfaction in the world and it is actually rare, to find someone that is happy in this whole mess. Since people aren’t fond of this situation, they complain a lot about this world. There are some cliches that they keep on saying. The most common ones are “this world is evil”, “humans are the worst creatures on the planet” etc. Some are even claiming that this world should be destroyed, in order to be “cleansed”. These opinions are not original at all, I’ve heard them many times myself. Is there any truth to these claims? Are these people right or they need to chill a little? Let’s delve a little deeper into this.

Is all evil done by malicious felons? Do you have to be vicious to hurt someone? Not necessarily. You will find all kinds of people on this planet, including amoral ba**ards. They are responsible for some of the evil going around, but you can’t blame them for everything. They are about 5- 10% of the population. They ‘re not responsible for all malicious acts, as they ‘re only a tiny fraction of the planet. If their kind was dominant, then humanity wouldn’t survive for a long time. Some “good” is needed to balance the “evil” , my dear friends. So what is the conclusion of all this blabbing? That evil isn’t necessarily done by bad people.

Someone vicious

Carelessness, stupidity, and illiteracy can be the root cause of many bad things. They can generate a lot of trouble on their own. In other words, people can still harm others unintentionally. Let me give you an example of this. As you know, there are some people that do not vaccinate their children. They clearly don’t want to harm their kids, but they end up doing so! By not vaccinating them, they leave them exposed to many diseases, which puts their lives at risk. Vaccines have proven to be safe, almost all of us have been vaccinated and we are all just fine! We didn’t develop any of the stuff that they are blamed for (Autism, cancer etc.). However, there might be a few exceptions that had problems with them, but that doesn’t make them defected. The evidence we have suggests that vaccines can be used without fear. Thanks to the pseudo-scientific crap of the internet, there were people that believed the hysteria of the anti-vaxxers, and they ended up doing bad.

Anti-vaxxers in action

The conclusion of this is that this world is not that evil. Well, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that we live in heaven, but it’s not as bad as some people claim. It is a flawed design and it is very difficult to live in it. You must overcome many difficulties, in order to live like a human being. I’m certain of this, now that I’ve grown a little. So to answer the question that I stated at the beginning of this post, the world is neither good, nor evil. It is what it is. Which is why you must see things a little lightly. You must have a lighthearted approach to be able to cope with the difficulties that you are facing. There is no other way!

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