Good vs evil

The eternal battle

Morality Concerns Humanity, Not Gods .

— Albert Einstein

As this is the first time I’m posting something, I thought that it would be appropriate to talk a bit about morality. We will talk about ethical issues in many occasions, but in this post, we will define what is “good” and “evil”. The picture I have above, is a representation of the Yin and Yang, the famous Chinese symbol. I find this image very beautiful and chaotic, which is why I used it as the opening picture of this post. However, this is not the actual Yin and yang. The original symbol is this:

Yin and yang

Most of you are familiar with it. It’s one of the most ingenious symbols ever, and it states one of the biggest truths of this world. At first, you see two different sides, which represent good and evil. You can easily understand this, there’s no confusion in that. However, each side has a spot of the other color. Can you guess why this is happening? It symbolizes that good has a bit of evil in it and vice versa. There is nothing absolute in this world and this applies to those concepts as well. You can find light and dark everywhere, in different analogies. In other words there’s good and evil in everyone and everything, as James Hetfield, had once said.

Let me clarify this a little. I consider myself a good person. However, I’m not 100% good. I certainly have a “shady part”. I’m capable of hatred, which is not a noble feeling. Under certain circumstances, anyone can hate. If you are “wronged” by someone, you will be inclined to hate this person. We can feel lots of feelings, that are not noble by any means. Some of them are anger, envy, contempt etc. and I am certain that most of you have felt these, at some point in your life. Those emotions are petty and animistic and they’re not pretty at all, but we are capable of feeling them, regardless of how rotten they are. This means that, there’s a bit of evil in all of us. Of course, this doesn’t make us necessarily evil. What matters is what prevails inside us(Hopefully you’re leaning towards the good). I will talk more extensively about these issues, in the future.

Light and darkness

So what is good and evil? How can you define these things? Personally, I believe that an ethical person doesn’t live at the expense of anybody. He doesn’t cause trouble to others. He’s simply minding his business and he doesn’t harass anyone. This is how a moral person lives. I believe that most of you agree with this notion. Whoever doesn’t follow this rule, is not ethical. Amorality has several degrees to it. You can’t say that murder is the same as theft. They do not fall in the same category, but they are both crimes. Therefore, evil has lots of degrees to it. Because nothing is absolute in this world. There’s a school of people that believe that, the good deeds erase the bad ones. If, for example, someone steals money from some people and then donates it to others, then he has done something good. The other people might have been in need, but that doesn’t make this action ethical. When you do something evil, it is permanent, it doesn’t go away, unless you are punished for it. Of course, this is done in the sake of justice and not of vengeance.

Jedi and sith, good and evil, order and chaos

So to sum this up, an ethical person will not throw his “dirt” on other people’s faces. He will keep it at his own place. Also, when he sees a criminal act, he will not take matters into himself, since there are people that specialize in that sort of business (Judges, attorneys etc.). These people are more suited to handle judicial issues , because they have extensive knowledge on them. Of course this doesn’t make them infallible, because nothing is perfect in this world. Taking the law into your own hands however, can be a very dangerous move. It would be better to allow this, to people that are meant to deal with this sort of thing.

Now that we have established what is “good” and “evil”, we can analyse properly several matters in the future.

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