The memorable ending of the Metal Gear saga

Hello guys, whoever is a hardcore fan of this wonderful franchise, must have seen this video. Recently, I saw the ending of MGS again and it’s still as good as ever. In this part, snake meets his “dad” again after a long time and they have a final exchange before Big boss leaves this worldContinue reading “The memorable ending of the Metal Gear saga”

The discovery of ancient Troy

Hello guys, a long time ago, there was a city called Troy, which was located in modern Turkey. According to Homer, in 1200 B.C. an alliance of Greek city-states had waged war against Troy, in order to get back the beautiful Helen that was the wife of Menelaus, the king of Sparta. Helen was abductedContinue reading “The discovery of ancient Troy”

Why do people believe in conspiracy theories?

Hello guys, these days lots of new conspiracy theories arise on the internet. Since we have a virus outbreak, many people believe that this was not accidental. According to several theorists, the Coronavirus pandemic was orchestrated by someone to fulfill their own dark purposes. Of course there are no evidence at all to support theseContinue reading “Why do people believe in conspiracy theories?”


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