Psychology vs psychiatry: What’s the difference between them?

Hello guys, most of you must have heard of those things but there are some things that you might not know about them. Many people go to psychologists and psychiatrists to solve their problems. However there are some major differences between those two professions. Let’s have a look at them Return to blog Home IfContinue reading “Psychology vs psychiatry: What’s the difference between them?”

Does sugar really feed cancer cells?

Hello guys, you have probably heard of the fact that sugar feeds cancer cells. My mother has said this to me dozens of times, but is it actually true? I did a search on the internet about this matter and I found some interesting info on this issue. I read a few articles on medicalContinue reading “Does sugar really feed cancer cells?” is giving away Hitman absolution for free!

Hello guys, the fifth installation of the Hitman series is free on If you add it to your library you will own the game for good. However, you must make an account to first. You can claim the game in this link here:–RH-DPA-RMKT-EU-Action-Slideshow&utm_content=at1%2121771498&utm_id=at1%2121771498&fbclid=IwAR3qnqjlbqR-9yqfBvpDpsI74BMnNAa26aeSgvCtWRm82TE3hUAMqrLwM2Q

Mysterious crocodile relative may have walked on two legs


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