How Phillip II had transformed Macedonia from a crumbling kingdom to the first power in Greece

Hello guys, if you like history in general, then there are some videos in Youtube that explain in detail how Phillip II of Macedon had turned Macedonia into the dominant power in Greece by using diplomacy, trickery and war. They are really interesting you should check them out!

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I am back!

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Hello guys, i was gone for some time, but now I am back!. I was very busy for some time and I had to abandon the page for a while but now I am resuming my hobby. As you can see there have been a lot of changes to the page for technical reasons mostly. I hope you like the new design! Bye bye guys! I’ll be seeing you soon!

The three kingdoms series (2010)

Hello guys, if you are fans of Dynasty warriors or Chinese history, then you’re gonna love this. There is a Chinese show based on the three kingdoms era, which is relatively new. It came out about 10 years ago and I had no idea that it existed in the first place. I was delighted when I heard of this and so far I have only seen 3 episodes, but It looks very good. Lots of people have uploaded its episodes on YouTube and some of them are HQ. If you are into that stuff you should really check it out. The dialogues are epic. It’s battles are probably its weakest aspect but other than that it’s a good show.

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The American revolution in two animated videos

Hello guys, if you are fans of history, then there’s a very cool channel on YouTube called “Oversimplified”. It talks about historical events in a fun and short way. Have a look at the videos that talk about the American revolution which was the war between the American states and the British empire (You will be amazed at how much the Americans had to struggle to gain their independence from the British).

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